General Terms and Conditions




MEDIAPOOL s.r.o. based in Prostøední Lánov 300, 543 41  Lánov, represented by managing director Petr Srp, IÈ: 25959972, the company is registered in Company’s Register at Regional Court in Hradec Kralove under:

DIÈ: 270-25959972

Bank accounts:

Crown account (CZK): 173922257/0300

Euro account (EUR): IBAN CZ74 0300 0000 0001 7392 4121





The person that is properly identified in a correctly filled system order form will be considered to be the buyer. The buyer specifically acknowledges that he/she has entered all data identifying themselves correctly and truly to the best of their knowledge (name, phone numbers, e-mail address, delivery address etc…) in the applicable registration, order or other form.


Privacy Policy


Any information that you give us is considered private. The buyer gives the seller permission to use the private data supplied in the order form for the purposes listed below.  When you place an order with us, we request your name, delivery address, e-mail address and phone numbers. This information is private, and is kept on a secure server to protect it from private parties. We use this information only to process your order, administer our site and perform internal analysis to evaluate the system. Your private information is not shared with anyone. The only exception is when it is required by Czech state law and the government administration law.


Seller’s rights and duties


The seller is obligated to process the order and to ship the ordered goods to the delivery address (see also Shipping Policy).  The seller has the right to cancel all or part of an order if it cannot deliver the required amount of product. Should this happen, the seller must inform the buyer without any delay by e-mail or phone call.


Buyer’s rights and duties


The buyer is must complete the order form, including all data marked as “mandatory”.   The buyer understands that  the seller will check the accuracy and truthfulness of data included in the order form.  An order placed is a binding contract: the buyer must accept the ordered goods when delivered and pay the total price (see Price and Pay Conditions).  The buyer is required to examine the delivered goods and inform the seller of any damages as soon as possible. Returns will follow the Seller’s return policy (see Return Policy).


Shipping policy


Goods are shipped within 7 working days from the day of order fulfillment. The “day of order fulfillment” means the day when the seller is obligated to ship the goods. In cases when COD (cash on delivery)  has been selected by the buyer, the day of the order fulfillment will be the day when the order was entered into the  system and confirmed by the OBLIGATED ORDER button. In case of a different method of payment, the day of the order of fulfillment will be the day of the bank transfer.


The seller’s obligation to deliver the goods ends when the goods arrive at the place of delivery. The “place of delivery” is the delivery address on the order form. The seller is allowed to deliver the goods with the help of a third party (handover person: generally Czech post and other delivery companies). All shipping bills are due together with the given total bill (see Price and Pay Conditions).  The invoice is the component part of the shipment.


Price and Payment Conditions


Both contract parties agree on the purchase price as given by the catalog of   All prices include taxes.


Purchase price may be paid only by methods of payment selected in the order form  The clearing of the total purchase price is the condition by which goods are delivered to the buyer, and the transition of property rights of goods from the seller to the buyer. The shipping bill for the goods will be included with the purchase price. Shipping rates are based on the total value of the package, on the method of delivery and the destination (Czech Republic, countries of EU, etc.).


When the method of payment is COD (cash on delivery), the lump fee for this service is added to the total purchase price as well. When the total purchase price is over 5.000 CZC, shipping fee and lump fee will not be added to the total bill. The buyer will be informed of the total purchase price, shipping and handling and other lump fees in the order form before placing the order.


Rescission of contract of purchase


Based on the act No. 367/200 collection, paragraph 6, the buyer has the rights to back out of a contract within 14 days from the goods’ delivery (the day of expedition is determined). Only undamaged item that has never been used and that is in its original undamaged covering will be accepted.  After the delivery of returned items, the seller will refund the retail price of each item by a method given in advance.


The seller has the right to cancel a contract in the case of returned goods that has not been accepted in the specified stowage time period. In the case that is mentioned above, the buyer is obligated to clear all expenses and losses that came into existence as a result of not fulfilling the object of the contract.


Return policy


The seller provides a warranty for the goods to the extent of existing regulations.


If the buyer notices damage after the delivery of goods, he must inform the seller as soon as possible by e-mail, or post or by phone.


When filling in a complaint the buyer must present:


- Returned goods in its original packaging

- Copy of the invoice

- Note explaing why he is returning the item


The seller will decide whether to accept the return within 5 days after receiving the returned goods. The buyer will be informed about the decision by e-mail.


The seller will not accept returns where damage occurred through:


- Incompetent usage

- Mechanical damage and wear

- Environmental disaster

- Other external impact


If the return is accepted, the seller will refund or exchange items ASAP within 30 days of the return.


Contacts for filling a return here.



Confirmation of General Terms and Conditions from the buyer side


By clicking on the button OBLIGATED ORDER that is located at the bottom of the order form in the system, the buyer confirms that he read through General Terms and Condition, unconditionally accepts them and becomes part of the agreement of the contract.