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Ergis #ID: 27

Paseky nad Jizerou

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detailed map

Zip code: 512 47
Number of inhabitants: ca. 272
Elevation: 675 m above the sea level

The community is member of union:
The Krkonose Mts. - Union of Municipalities

The village of Paseky nad Jizerou is situated on the periphery of the western territory of the Krkonoše Mountains. It lies on the right side of the Jizera valley with an area of 1279 hct. The greater part of the local area is covered with a spruce forest. Kapradník (910 m) and Hromovka (916 m) rise above the Jizera valley, in the middle of the village there is the rocky ridge Mechovice (803 m). Bílá skála (964 m) is the highest point and the bed of Jizera is the lowest one (476 m). Huge mounds of boulders, historical sights dating from the first settlers and forest land pertilization, attract the attention in the meadows and the edge of the forests. Martagon lily (Lilium martagon), bear´s garlic (Allium ursinum), orange hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum), perennial honesty (Lunaria rediviva), rein orchis (Gymnadenia albida), gentian (Gentiana) and common globeflower (Trollius europaeus) are widespread.

The village was probably established in the 16th century, the oldest mention, though, is from the year 1654. Presumably, there were, at the time, glass works in the oldest part of the locality called Makov. According to local legened, silver was dug in Havírna, where there are noticeable remnats of mines. The forest receded towards the mountains, new clearings with cottages came into existence and looms appeared. The highest population in Paseky was in the year 1869, when 1710 inhabitans lived in 212 registered dwelligs. Even though the population of Paseky had always been Czech it was occupied during World War II as part of the Munich Agreement. After the war most of the inhabitans left the village, leaving it almost deserted. Since then vacation-seekers have bought the cottages and the land came into insensitive hands, meadows suffered under heavy mechanization and in many places stayed unmowed. In 1976 Paseky was icorporated into Rokytnice nad Jizerou and three years later the school was closed. Since 1990 Paseky has once again become an independent locality.