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Krkonose - The Association of towns and municipalities

enlarge picture: Krkonose - The Association of towns and municipalities * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)
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Basic information:
- Association of 38 towns in Krkonose Mountains and of the foothills with more than 60.000 inhabitants in territory greater than 80.000 hectare in the Kralovehradecky and Liberecky region from Korenov to Zacler was founded in year 2000.
- Top authority of Association is General meeting, executive directors are Councilmen and Chairman is Ing. Jan Sobotka - city manager in Vrchlabi, where the residency of the Association is as well.

Basic purpose:
- Aspiring about complex development in quality of life of territorial inhabitants in Krkonose Mountains region that they can be proud of place of their living.
- Formation of conditions for local people and visitors and their satisfaction in this region.
- Development of constructive dialogue and partnership with Kralovehradecky and Liberecky region.
- Coordination of activities with Management of Krkonose national park in order to aspire about harmony between nature protection and economic prosperity and development of jobs in the region.
- Comunication with commercial sphere in the area of tourist trade and other areas of interest.
- Assertion of ideal "The Krkonose Mountains - the mountains without borders", so efective partnership with Poland.

Zámek 1
543 01 Vrchlabí
Phone: (+420) 499 405 726