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enlarge picture:  * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)

In 1992 the Giant Mountains (KRNAP and KPN areas) were incorporated into an international network of biospheric reservations. Biospheric reservations are nominated and enunciated by the world organization UNESCO in the frame of MaB project (Man and Biosphere). These are the most valuable and endangered areas of the world, which are significant for the preservation of the natural wealth and ecological equilibrium on the Earth. The Giant Mountains joined Amazon primeval forests, African Serenghetti savannahs and others in the network. This way UNESCO gains an opportunity to set rules of the preservation of these areas and supports them financially. The biosheric reservation of Krkonoše-Karkonosze (The Giant Mountains) divides into three zones according to the level of preservation: core (contains I and II zones of KRNAP), buffer and transition zones.