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Around Jankuv Hill (MTB)

enlarge picture: Around Jankuv Hill (MTB) * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)

Vrchlabí Giant Mountains Museum - Three houses - Vrchlabí Giant Mountains Museum - Three houses

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This tour starts from the parking lot in Vrchlabi in front of the Museum "Tri domky - Three Houses". Continue on the main road heading for Spindleruv Mlyn. Pass the Opel car dealer and then turn left to continue to Spindleruv Mlyn. After approx. 500m turn to the right and follow the signs for Strazne. You will ride uphill for approx. 1,5km and in a bend turn right onto a tarred road. Follow this road for about 2km, then turn right onto a path (blue marking). After a medium difficult ride through the forest hold to the right side after crossing the creek. A slight ascent through the forest later, keep right on the hill and pass along the trees. Be careful, as the path crosses a meadow and can be sludgy after rainy days. As you continue, you will pass a motocross field and after a short downhill passage you cross a creek and follow the path along the ski slope down to Horni Vrchlabi.

At the beginning of the houses go straight and approx. 20 m turn to the right and follow the street down to the main road. At the main road turn left and continue to the parking lot of the Museum "Tri domky" (Three houses).

The tour may be extended via Strazne to the blue marked trail. See tour Vrchlabi-Strazne-Vrchlabi.

Length6.1 km