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Criss-cross the county of Jilemnice (Trecking, MTB)

enlarge picture: Criss-cross the county of Jilemnice (Trecking, MTB) * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)
enlarge picture: Criss-cross the county of Jilemnice (Trecking, MTB) * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)
enlarge picture: Criss-cross the county of Jilemnice (Trecking, MTB) * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)

Jilemnice B&B U labute - Jilemnice B&B U labute

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This cycling tour starts at the guidepost near the „U Labute“ guesthouse. We will reach this pension by following the red hiking-path marking through Valdštejn street from the town square in Jilemnice. The tour starts with a steep ascend, following a narrow tarred path with the green cycle-path marking. This path will take us past the St. Ann’s chapel and the Hotel Vyhlidka (where we could treat ourselves to a refreshment) to the lookout point on Kozinec hill. This lookout point offers a beautiful view of the main mountain range of the western part of Krkonose Mountains (hills of Zaly with the lookout tower, Kotel, Krkonos and Cerna hora).

We continue further on the narrow forest path following the green marking. In Middle Ages the Kozinec mountain has been a place for copper mining . During World War I mining was re-established here for the last time. Some wonderful views of the surrounding area lie ahead. You can't miss to see hills of Straznik, Kozakov and the picturesque village of Mricna with the St. Catherine church. In this direction we will follow the blue cycling-path marking from the next guidepost on. The forest path will lead us to the next guidepost called „Pod Kozincem“.

The blue marking, that we will follow from now on, starts next to the 3,6 km distant Perimovsky bridge over the river Jizera. This bridge is protected as a technical heritage. It has one wide arch and it is one of the first reinforced concrete bridge constructions in the Czech Republic. Our cyclo-path continues in the opposite direction. On the left side, hidden in the forrest, is St. Isodors chapel, which we could see if we would turn on the nature trail that goes through Jilemnice. After crossing the second class road between Jilemnice and Mricna the path continues on the filed and forest trails all the way to the guidepost „U obrazku“.

Here we will cross the third class road between Jilemnice and Mricna on which is the cyclo-path No.4171 marked with road marking. Our path further continues through the forest to the road between Jilemnice and Roztoky. There is a beautiful view from this road onto the Krkonose meadows with the dominant town of Tabor. We continue on the road following the blue marking that will take us to the edge of the village Roztoky. Here we turn left and still on the road bike to the village of Martinice. We cross a busy road and bike under a train bridge. From the guidepost in Martinice we follow the blue marking, stay on the tar road and bike to the newly opened embankment of the lake "Mlynsky rybnik". We can turn towards it and enjoy the view of the 3ha lake.

We continue further through the forest on the tar path that takes us to Horni Branna. You may visit the local castle and other historical monuments in this community. The blue marking finishes at the guidepost. From here we follow the green marking. It will take us on the road towards Jilemnice up the drawn out hill to the guidepost „Bohdanka“. Here the green marking turns right on the local road between the fields and meadows. We bike on the narrow tar road through the forest following the green cyclo-marking up the hill above the village of Valterice again offering a rewarding view over Krkonose Mountains.

On the junction we turn left onto a field path and bike through Zlabek to Jilemnice. Before entering the town of Jilemnice turn right and continue on the local roads along former and today drowned mines to Hrabacov. At the gas station we turn left and bike on the meadow path behind family houses. After crossing a busy road turn left. We will bike along Hrabacov bell-tower and Bohumil Hance's house. The trail will take us back where we started, at the guidepost by the pension „U Labute“.

Length24.3 km
Maximal altitude560 m
Minimal altitude450 m