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Buchar's Trail

enlarge picture: Buchar's Trail * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)
enlarge picture: Buchar's Trail * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)
enlarge picture: Buchar's Trail * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)
enlarge picture: Buchar's Trail * Krkonose Mountains (Giant Mts)

Vítkovice Parkoviště Horní Mísečky - Vrchlabí Giant Mountains Museum - Three houses

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The beginning of the trail is at the enclave of Horni Misecky, whose settlement, probably connected with ore mining, was already mentioned in the 17th century (1642). Nowadays it is a famous sport centre of the downhill and crosscountry skiing. On the red stripe-marked tourist trail we walk the southern direction across the whole enclave and by the side of the crosscountry skiing area Bucharęs trail starts to rise mildly up to the first of three hills - Mechovinec (1074 m a. s. l.). “Over three hills up to Zaly” - it is the other name for the trip you have chosen and it is really close-fitting name, because Bucharęs trail passes by three marked peaks - Mechovinec, Cerna skala and Serin, before it starts to drop to the crossroads of the tourist trails Na rovince (846,4 m a. s. l.) where it is to start rising u again over Jansky vrch (824,7 m a. s. l.) to Zadni Zaly (1035,7 m a. s. l.). Once it was a very famous summer and winter route where headmaster Buchar from Dolni Stepanice used to guide Czech tourists to the Krkonose Mountains.

On the north-east slope of the Mechovinec is worth to stop on Harrachova skala (1035 m a. s. l.) - there are excellent views of Kotel with a couple of the glacier cirques Mala and Velka Kotelni jama and also of the ridge Krkonos, on whose southern slopes the Masarykęs mountain road passes through (a climbing up trail to the Elbe spring, where Bucharęs trail from Horni Misecky by the reverse direction leads). By the direction to the east there is deeply below us the Elbe valley with Spindleruv Mlyn, the most noted mountain centre of the Krkonose Mountains, situated. In a background the steep slopes of Kozi hrbety, Stoh, Lucni hora and Studnicni hora raise themselves and on their foothill there is the famous part of Spindleruv Mlyn - Svaty Petr situated. In its surroundings were the ores already in the 16th century mined.

In the upper part of the Elbe valley below Spindleruv Mlyn is also about 1 km long Labska prehrada / The Elbe dam situated, it was built on this place already in the beginning of the 20th century. The impulse to build it were controlled calamities, which affected the Krkonose Mts. on the turning of the 19th and 20th centuries, al a consequence of the inconsiderate mnaging of our ancestors with moutain forests. Up to now the dam serves as a very effective regulator of the situation of the water in the Elbe, and mainly with a sudden spring snow thawing on ridges or with forceful summer torrential rains.

The touring “Over three hills” leads us up to the peak of Predni Zaly, where in the height of 1019 m a. s. l. an 18 m high stone look-out tower rises. from its pek is one of the best panoramatic views in Bohemia (in an absolutely ideal conditions towers of the Prague cathedrals are said to be seen). If you do not see them, you will be surely attract by more modest tower of the tastefully reconstructed wooden belfry in Volsky Dul on the opposite side of the Elbe valley.

On the peak of Predni Zaly we have an opportunity to choose from two directions for a descent. If we continue going on Bucharęs trail, we will walk through spruce forests and mountain meadows across a part of Benecko (well-known recreation and sport centre) to settlement Mrklov and across Stepanice (a ruin of the Stepanice castle established in the beginning of the 14th century as a seat of the Valdstejnęs branch) and Hrabacov we will be led by red stripe-marked trail to market-town Jilemnice, on the boundary-line of the Krkonose Mts. and podkrkonosi (a specific region under the mountains).

From the out-look tower on the peak of Zaly we can also set out by the direction to Vrchlabi. During the winter there is a possibility of the long downhill run on formed slopes to the ski area of Zadni Herlikovice on the side of Vrchlabi. But for a walk descent is more convenient yellow stripe-marked trail, which leads us to Vrchlabi over Krizovky and Knezice (beautiful views of the town and also the whole eastern part of the mountains).

Length16 kmLevel3
Elevation rise539 mTechnic3
Maximal altitude1040 mLandscape5
Minimal altitude500 mFunfactor5